Setups & Inspections at Phoenix UAV Centre

Having taken delivery of, acquired, or built your own expensive shiny new aircraft, the first few flights are always a bit nerve-wracking, does it fly the way it should, is it setup properly, do all the flight control functions operate properly in the way you expect them to, etc. Similarly, if you are new to flying and have had your aircraft for a while but having put some flights on it are still not sure whether it is flying the way it should be or are a bit worried about particular flight characteristics.

Perhaps you should bring it along to us for a day. We take the aircraft in, configure the flight control systems where necessary and in the capable hands of one of our instructors, test fly the aircraft with you, tune the flight control characteristics and prove all the flight control functions operate correctly and as expected.

This will then give you the peace of mind and satisfy the safety requirements in CAP393 94(2) which states "The person in charge of the small unmanned aircraft may only fly the aircraft if reasonably satisfied that the flight can safely be made" We also often hear people say "I didn´t realise my aircraft could fly this well!" therefore making you as an operator appear more professional to your clients.

Please call or email for assistance.