Repairs & Fault Diagnosis at Phoenix UAV Centre

Keeping your aircraft in tip-top condition is critical, not only for peace of mind but it’s also the tool you use most to run your successful business as an operator. We are here in the background to make sure your aircraft remains performing and is in optimum condition at all times. We do our best to ensure that any problems are quickly identified and the resulting repairs done to exacting standards and in a reasonable timescale.

Our expert instructors have many years of experience in all forms or UAS, RPAS and recreational radio controlled aircraft. We therefore understand in detail what makes these aircraft tick. If yours isn’t ticking in the way it should, you suspect a fault but aren’t sure, are just not happy with the way it flies or have had a "Whoops" with it, we can help.

Our fully equipped workshop is on standby for such events, we can take in your aircraft and either with or without you present, diagnose any fault and either replace the faulty component ourselves or give you a detailed report as to exactly what the fault is so you can take it up with the original supplier yourself.

Please call or email for assistance.