Ground School

The aim of the BNUC-S™ is to enable UAS/RPAS Pilots and staff associated with UAS/RPAS flight operations to achieve the level required to operate a UAS/RPAS safely in the regulatory and operational environments that they are most likely to encounter. PART 1 of the BNUC-S is currently two days in duration and consists of the BNUC-S Ground Theory Course, followed by the Ground Examination. All course materials are provided.

The main topics that make up the Ground Theory Syllabus are as follows;

  • Aviation Safety
  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge Planning
  • Flight Performance and operational planning
  • Human (Factors) performance and limitations
  • Communications
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation and map interpretation
  • Operational Procedures
The level and degree that each subject is dealt with is commensurate with the types of operation applicable mainly to the Visual Line of Sight scenario. Candidates wishing to operate Extended Visual Line of Sight (E-VLOS) need to undertake an additional module that deals with these aspects.

The Ground School can be done here, or at one of EuroUSC´s many venues around the country prior to your arrival for Flight Training and Flight Test.